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Project Description

Pechuga Camp

A small group of us will make the serpentine trek up to Lachirioag, where Mezcal Tosba’s maestro mezcalero Edgar González will have an earth-oven load of cooked maguey waiting for us to unload, From there, we’ll get our hands dirty in every single part of the production process, culminating in the distillation of a pechuga mezcal that we’ll enjoy during our stay.

Mezcal Tosba

Tosba is a tiny brand owned by cousins Edgar and Elisandro González, natives of the indigenous Zapotec community of San Cristóbal Lachirioag. Their efforts to revive the region’s mezcal culture as a form of community development and a curb on emigration to the US were documented in the highly recommended 2014 Planet Money story “Can Mezcal Save a Village?” Their mezcal (currently available in three marques – Espadín, Tobalá and Pechuga) is delicious and their process is small, slow and natural. They are actively planting many varieties of maguey on their land (acquired via years of hard work in bars and restaurants in San Jose, CA), ensuring sustainability into the foreseeable future. They are also some of the nicest people you will meet.

San Cristobal Lachirioag

This is a remote location that few outsiders have visited. The microclimate and terroir are unique in the world of Oaxacan mezcal – magueys growing amongst various types of wild plantains and cultivated coffee beans. We’ll be exposed to the regional Zapotec culture not just by helping make mezcal, but with an evening program of pre-Hispanic cuisine (chachalaca, anyone?), village bands, mezcal and pozontle (a delicious and ancient Zapotec beverage made from corn, cacao and a local root). There are waterfalls and a pristine river where we can swim, fish and troll for crayfish. Most of us will camp out at the palenque, close to the still. If you’d prefer a bit more comfort, there is a basic hotel in the village of 2,000 people that we’ll provide transportation to and from.

Tour Package includes:

  • Professional guide, interpreter and local host
  • Private ground transportation
  • Mezcal production activities at Tosba
  • Camping space or basic hotel accommodations November 29th – December 1st (camping gear not provided)
  • Mezcal and dance party on the night of November 29th
  • All meals from dinner on the 28th to breakfast on the 2nd
  • Bottle of fresh mezcal pechuga to take home
  • Lodging in Oaxaca City on November 28th and December 1st

Tour Package does not include:

  • Airfare
  • Tips
  • Additional mezcal for purchase


  • $795 / person (double occupancy – when you register with a roomie)
  • $915 / person (single occupancy)

Prices listed in USD