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Our day tours are $200 USD per person.

While we give tours year round, the best time of year to see production in process is from October to May. In the rainy season (June-September) most producers slow their production or don’t produce at all. If you are planning your visit during the summer months, don’t fret, we’ll still visit producers, walk you through the process, taste some mezcal and, of course, have the opportunity to buy some mezcal!

If you know that you’ll only have one or two dates available for a tour, go ahead and do it as soon as you know when you’ll be in Oaxaca. It can be difficult for us to book a tour with less than a week’s notice.

As our day tours are all private for the moment, we’re happy to discuss your itinerary with you ahead of time and make alterations to it based on what you’re looking to see.