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We promote appreciation and understanding of mezcal through participatory tours, tastings and educational events.

Experience Mezcal is a small group of people dedicated to promoting mezcal culture through tours, tastings, education and events. We know that mezcal is much more than a beverage. It is a lens that we can use to better see the cultures that created mezcal. Since 2010, we’ve made it our business to help the world truly experience mezcal. The spirit should be sipped and savored, yes, but its history and culture should also be appreciated and absorbed. There is no better way to do this than by visiting the regions where mezcal is produced, and learning directly from the people and communities that make it.


Clayton Szczech

Experience Mezcal Founder

Clayton began exploring Mexico in 1995, and has been studying and promoting its spirits full-time since 2008. Fascinated by mezcal’s role in Oaxaca’s vibrant indigenous cultures, he began operating in Oaxaca in 2010. With a background in socoiology, he endeavors to help outsiders like himself understand the meaning of mezcal for the communities that create it. Clayton lives in Mexico City, a convenient jumping-off point for his continued exploration of traditional beverages throughout Mexico.

Darinel Silva

Tour Coordinator

Originally from Miahuatlán, Oaxaca, “Dari” has been immersed in the mezcal world since he was a kid. His childhood street was a local mezcal market, and his grandfather stored jugs of mezcal for all of the producers in the region. As an adult, Dari became increasingly curious and passionate about the production of mezcal and the many varietals of maguey. Dari is also a cross-country rally car navigator and an excellent cook. He has worked with Experience Mezcal since 2015.

Rachel Langley

Executive Assistant

Rachel is executive assistant to Experience Mezcal’s founder. After studying sustainable agriculture and food systems at Portland State University, she became fascinated with the ancient agricultural systems in Oaxaca. This led to monthly visits to palenques and a newfound love for mezcal. A native Texan, Rachel has lived in Oaxaca since 2014. She’ll be the one responding to your emails and getting you prepared for your tours.