Experience Mezcal connects people to mezcal culture through tours and education.

Experience Mezcal is a small group of people dedicated to promoting mezcal culture through tours, tastings, education and events.

We know that mezcal is much more than a beverage. It is a lens that we can use to better see the cultures that created mezcal. Since 2010, we’ve made it our business to help the world truly experience mezcal. The spirit should be sipped and savored, yes, but its history and culture should also be appreciated and absorbed. There is no better way to do this than by visiting the regions where mezcal is produced, and learning directly from the people and communities that make it.

Experience Mezcal is based in Oaxaca – the leading mezcal-producing region in Mexico. Our decades-long personal and professional relationships with mezcaleros and their communities allow us to integrate local history, culture and personality into our tours. Our guests leave not only well-versed in the art of mezcal production, but also understanding the deep cultural context of the region.

Like mezcal itself, our tours are constantly evolving. We enjoy thriving relationships with mezcaleros in various regions, and strive to maximize our guests’ exposure to active mezcal production in different regional traditions and techniques.


Experience Mezcal’s Oaxaca mezcal tours are professionally guided, educational immersions into the evolving cultures of mezcal production.

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“This is not just a tour for those interested in Mezcal, but was a wonderful, educational, fun adventure that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the culture and people of the Oaxaca area. Highly recommended! ”

Tom D, Trip Advisor

“What a day! Totally worth the experience when in Oaxaca. You’ll never look at a bottle of mezcal the same way again knowing how much work has gone into producing it!”

Sheena S, Chasing A Plate

“We learned so much on this trip and tasted so many interesting and completely off-the-grid mezcales that you simply couldn’t find anywhere outside of Mexico. You see the entire process from plant to bottle and you can sample how the different genus of agave produce different tastes.”

Brian K., Trip Advisor